Frequently Asked Questions

It’s only natural to have a few questions, if you can’t find the answer below drop me a message

What will happen on the first session?

The first session we’ll talk about your history, undertake some simple assessments of how you move, it’s nothing to worry about, but it helps build up a picture of what is happening within your body, breath and nervous system.

Where is Restoring Balance?

I have a home based clinic in West Town, Hayling Island. I also undertake online appointments,

I have a cat, so if you have a cat allergy, please let me know in advance. 

How do I book?

Click here to book an appointment.  This opens in a new window.

What do you charge?

I offer a free 30 minute “Let’s Talk” online appointment for new clients.  During the session we’ll work together to go through your history, look at how you move, develop an understanding of what is currently going on for you and what positive change means for you.

This helps me work out whether I can provide the right support and facilitation for your healing journey.

Up to 60 mins – £70

Up to 90 mins – £105

Restoring your Balance – £395 

Can I park?

There is on road parking available at Richmond Drive or at the start of the Hayling Billy Trail.

Will I need to complete a client history form?

Yes, absolutely.  The form that I use is quite long and requires quite a bit of detail, most of which may not appear immediately relevant. Many aches & pains may have their root cause somewhere in your history, so it is vital that any historic information forms part of your treatment.

Pay particular attention to the dental work, scars, tattoo’s, piercings etc section, as well as any childhood misadventures or broken bones.  It’s becoming more common that early childhood accidents are relevant to solving systemic issues which often come to the surface during the initial consultation. It might be worth making a timeline of injuries, accidents, tattoos etc.

With that in mind it’s often best to revisit the form several times before the first session, as older injuries / trauma, easily get forgotten. 

As a therapist it’s great to receive your form before your session, as it gives me a chance to review it to help structure our session.

What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel your appointment without charge upto 48 hours before your appointment without any charges.

Cancellation between 48-24 hours will result in a 50% of the session fees being payable..

If you cancel less than 24hours before your appointment 100% of the session fees will be payable.

What do I wear?

If this is your first consultation, please wear or make sure you bring some clothing that is easy to move in such as shorts / leggings / loose fitting bottoms and a thin, comfortable fitting top to change into before the appointment for the testing element of the session

Clinical treatments are normally carried out with clothes on.  Most people come to clinic in clean sports wear.  

How do I pay?

I can accept payment all major cards.  Whilst we remain in the COVID-19 pandemic payments will only be taken using bank transfer or directly to my webshop here

Are you insured?

Yes, I hold insurance through Balens

I’m also a member of Think Tree, the Association of the Physical and Natural Therapists and the Cranio Sacral Society.

Is Restoring Balance COVID Secure?

Yes, absolutely, the clinic operates in line with the guidance from my professional body.  This means:

  • Clinic hours have been reduced to meet the guidelines of the government and my Professional Association
  • There is a COVID specific Risk assessments in place
  • There is Increased time between clients to allow for increased cleaning and disinfection of the clinic 
  • Access to the clinic is reduced to avoid client crossovers
  • Clients will be asked to sanitise their hands on entry and exit to the clinic
  • Clients will be asked to place their personal items in a container on arrival.
  • Clients will wear a face covering at all times.  I will keep a stock in clinic just in case
  • I will wear a face covering, visor and apron at all times.
  • Increased pre-session monitoring of ‘fitness for treatment’ which must be completed by email before EACH in clinic appointment

If you have been shielding during Covid-19 or are a keyworker, please email me at to arrange an ‘in clinic’ appointment.

What is the package Restoring your Balance all about?

Restoring your Balance is a brand new offering – it’s 4 x 90 min appointments to help you find your balance again, it’s a whole health reset that is unique to you.

We’ll start by identifying what is going on for you, then moving to building some solid foundations for your future health and wellbeing. Working together we’ll flow between movement and structure, through to nutrition, emotional wellbeing and stress.

The sessions can be online or in person (when I can restart them) or a combination of both. 

You’ll also be able to join the community support group – Restoring your Balance.

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