Frequently Asked Questions

It’s only natural to have a few questions, if you can’t find the answer below drop me a message

Most people come to clinic wearing either sports wear or loungewear, but please do not wear tight clothing such as skinny jeans or compression leggings (unless medically prescribed).

Clothing that is too tight can be perceived as being a threat to the body – so your body thinks you’re being chased down the road by a tiger because you are wearing skinny jeans.

Yes, absolutely – please note that the traffic can build quickly in the summer when coming on to the Hayling Island.

Please park on the drive, there should be space in front of the black car. If there is no parking available, then parking is available nearby at the bottom of the Billy Trail or on the road at Richmond Drive.

I have almost level access into my house, where my clinic room is.  There is one step in our porch that takes you into the hallway (14cm high)

The front door is 76 cm wide

The hall way door is 78cm

The door into my clinic room is 71cm


The lowest height that the treatment couch will go is 45cm

Please use this link to see what availability I have – SEE MY AVAILABILITY

On the whole I use multiple therapies that are light touch, so there should be very little discomfort.  Occasionally, I may need to use a deeper massage technique, which may feel a little bit uncomfortable. 

Pain that has been hanging around for a while is frankly awful, the best place to start is with a Lets Talk and we can talk through the best approach for you and your circumstances.  If I think there maybe a better approach for or you need a different set of skills to mine, I will always signpost you to other practitioners who are more suitable for your needs.


I like to keep things quite straightforward here in clinic.

  • A Let’s Talk – upto 30 mins
  • A standard face to face appointment – upto 90mins
  • Just Relaxation – upto 60 mins
  • Online/Telehealth – upto 60 min


That’s an interesting question, and it will depend on what is going on for you.  Within the traditional health care paradigm, “normal” has a huge range, so whilst your clinical markers may say everything is ok when your results are compared to the general populus, they may not be optimal for you and how your body functions.

 The best place to start is with booking a Let’s Talk, so that I can find out a bit more about what is going on.



I want nothing more than for you to feel that my clinic room is a safe space and no health topics are off-limits. 

It may be helpful to write down what is going on for you and email it over before your session, it can feel a lot less scary than saying it out loud.

 I hear many different things here in clinic, all of which are deeply personal, some are just embarrassing, some are riddled with guilt and shame. 

 (Topics vary from erectile dysfunction, constipation, bloating and wind, excessively heavy periods, addiction, abuse, infidelity…) 

Yes, I hold multiple certifications, please see this page for a full list of my qualifications and on going professional development.

Absolutely not, I work intuitively, so your body will let me know what it needs.


Probably yes, so I offer a variety of services online using telehealth.


I don’t always use touch when I’m working with someone.  There are many different ways that I can help through using questioning, energy work, movement and breath.


Before your first appointment I will need you complete a comprehensive history form. It helps me to understand a little about you and your history.

This enables me to discover what you would like to achieve with your treatments. I can also check if there were any reason treatments would not be suitable for you.

Your history will be unique to you. It may be helpful to think of it as a timeline and go back as far as you can remember into your childhood, as our nervous system stores all of knocks and bruises in its memory.

Please answer as fully as you can, but if you find anything difficult, don’t worry as we can discuss your needs in detail in your first appointment before assessment and treatment starts.

The questionnaire will be part of the automatic booking confirmation that you receive, if you have any issues accessing the form, please can contact me and I can collect the information in a different way.

Individual treatment sessions may be booked and paid for online at the time of booking. There will be a payment link in the email booking confirmation that you receive. 

Package treatments do have the option of monthly payments. For package treatments not all sessions have to be booked at time of payment. All sessions must be redeemed within six months of purchase. All monies paid are non-refundable. 

Normally to be registered with a health insurance provider you will need to be physiotherapist, chiropractor or an osteopath.  I am not any of those. 


Having treatment that is paid for by your insurance provider generally means that everything needs to fit into a neat box against a care code, and there are strict guidelines for what can be included in your treatment sessions.


I work with your whole body; I use many different tools and techniques that are the most appropriate for you and to help you get to your goal.  This means that quite often we’ll end up working on a different part of your body to help resolve this issue that you came to see me with.

I may not always answer the phone, as I am likely to be working in 1:1 in clinic.  The best way to set up a time for a chat with me is to book a Lets Talk and we can talk through the best approach for you and your circumstances.


Book a Consultation

Do you want to find out more about my services, and how I can help you to heal? Book in a call today with my calendar link below. 

I do have a cat here, she’s called Honey.  She’s quite shy so you may not see her.  If you do have an allergy to animal fur, please let me know.  I have a special set of clinic linens that are stored separately in a lidded box just for you.

There may be times when I might need to approach your health care team about elements of your care to make sure that I’m working in alignment with them, this only normally happens if surgical mesh has been used in your surgery or occasionally if you are undergoing some oncology treatments.  This will only be done with your consent.


Everything else remains confidential, unless you give your permission to share your information.

Generally yes, but please remember that I can not prescribe medication or HRT.

You may well be surprised at what magic can be worked just by calming the nervous system down, this will allow the body to relax and then we can get into the root cause of what is going on for you.

Yes, I’ll explain everything that we’ll be doing together, firstly as I work out what your treatment plan could look like, and then as we are working together in your appointment I’ll explain the different therapies and how they fit together to help you.

Monthly payment plans are available for my packages:

  • First Steps Plus
  • Flounder to Flourish
  • Midlife Mastery
  • Re:Connection – Post Surgery Rehabilitation & Scar Work Therapy

Coming in 2024 there will be a subscription service where you pay a little every month and then once a quarter you’ll receive a treatmentThe amount payable will depend on the whether you’d like to just chill out and relax or whether you’d like more of a functional wellness approach. 

Of course, you can, it’s great way to find out more about what I do and how I work. 

Yes, of course.  Menopause can be a challenging time and being able to find a great source of balanced menopause knowledge can be hard.

It’s hard to say until we’ve completed our first appointment together.

Fortunately, I’m not like your GP, I work with you as a whole person, so if you have multiple things going on all the same time, please let me know, as the chances are they may well have one cause.

My clinic is based from my home, my husband (AKA Mr RB) works from home too, so he’ll be in the house, but you probably won’t see him as he’ll be in his office.


If you have experienced trauma that has involved a man previously, please let me know and I can make sure that my husband stays out of the way whilst you’re here.

Yes please – please use the buttons on your booking confirmation to reschedule.

Of course –  please ask away.  I too have a number of sensitivities and intolerances, so completely understand.  My clinic is latex free.


Please do not wear strongly scented perfume or body sprays when you come to clinic.

It is entirely upto you and it will depend on the reason why you are coming to see me.


If you have a very fine or thin scar then it can be helpful to be able to see it clearly, but its not essential.

You can re-arrange your appointment through my online booking system.


Unplanned issues come up for all of us. This is something that I do recognise, and where possible will always try to accommodate, however due to our pre-booked schedule, and setting your appointment time, solely for your use, we respectfully request if you must cancel your scheduled appointment, notify us at least a minimum of 48 hours in advance.

Unplanned issues come up for all of us. Restoring Balance recognises this fact, and where possible will always try to accommodate our clients, however due to our pre-booked client schedule, and setting your appointment time, solely for your use, we respectfully request if you must cancel your scheduled appointment, notify us at least a minimum of 48 hours in advance.


Cancellation between 48-24 hours notice will result in 50% of the appointment fees being payable. Less than 24 hours notice, we reserve the right to charge the full price of your appointment.   If you have a pre-paid treatment, gift certificate or voucher and do not cancel within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment, it will be considered null and void. No exceptions.


The rights of cancellation and refund and any limitation expressed in these terms and conditions do not affect your statutory rights as a consumer.

Yes, the can be bought directly from me here is clinic or from my webshop


Gift vouchers are non-refundable and are valid for 3 months from the purchase date. To redeem your voucher, email  Gift vouchers will not be accepted after the expiry date and can only be used for services offered. Gift vouchers cannot be redeemed for cash, sold or transferred.

I’m open Tuesday to Friday, evenings & weekends are by special request.

Yes, I do evening appointments.  The latest appointment will start at 7pm.

No, I run an inclusive clinic that welcomes everyone.

Of course you can, but I ask that you let me know in advance so that I can make sure that they have a seat.


Please be aware that I may ask some questions about your health and wellbeing, so please make sure that you’re ok with them hearing your answers.

Yes, I do treat babies and children in here in clinic for a whole variety of reasons.  All young people under the age of 18 will require an adult to stay during their appointment.


There are reduced fees available for young people under the age of 16, and the appointments are generally shorter.

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