Recovering from Surgery

At my clinic I specialise in helping you recover from surgery.  

This means that often we start working together before your surgery, in the pre-habilitation stages we’ll look at questions for your medical team, planning for your recovery, breathwork and mindset, and pre-surgery movements.

Post-surgery rehabilitation that focuses on helping you recover faster; to get your strength and mobility back, and make you feel like you are in your own body again.

Post-surgery recovery can sometimes be a slow and frustrating journey, and it can feel overwhelming to know how to begin regaining your health.

As a Rehabilitation Specialist, this is where I can support you, as this is my area of expertise. With years of training, as well as my own first-hand experience of recovering from a life-changing accident and multiple surgeries, I know exactly what you’re feeling. 

Using a combination of coaching, soft tissue therapies, neuro muscle testing and restorative movement and exercise, you’ll learn to improve your range of motion and coordination, better control your body function and even breathe easier!

I love seeing my clients’ health transform as we work together. Watching them grow in strength, confidence and whole body wellness, is so immensely rewarding.

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After a consultation we will develop your goals, discuss lifestyle changes to improve your health, both in the short and long term; and make a plan to help you manage any pain you may have. 

Getting better should make you feel better, so you will not be pushed past a point that causes pain or distress. So we go at your pace, in an environment designed for healing.

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Focusing on Whole Person Health

My rehabilitation services focus on whole person health because surgery can affect people both physically and mentally. Subtle changes in your body from the surgery can alter how you move and you may begin to compensate to accommodate this, but sooner or later this will start to cause pain elsewhere. 

It can impact your self confidence and leave you wanting to retreat into yourself. I’m here to help you tackle the things that are hindering your recovery, and stop you feeling like a visitor in your own body! This will put you back in control and leave you feeling empowered. 

Creating your personalised recovery plan will mean you regain your independence faster, and get back to your normal activities with an improved outlook on life. 


Health Coaching for Rehabilitation

Because surgery can affect you emotionally and mentally, coaching can help to work through the feelings towards your body with someone who is professionally trained. You may have a range of emotions after surgery, and these thoughts may make you feel guilty, selfish, scared or even ungrateful. These are not unusual feelings and you are allowed to feel them.

Your body may have changed in some way, look different or feel or act differently than before, and it can sometimes require an adjustment. By having a space to talk about this without judgement, it allows you to work through your feelings, and come to a place of understanding and acceptance. We can then create a plan to help continue your emotional healing, and even look at what other complementary therapies at Restoring Balance may help further.

I am a professional health coach, and ensuring that I give women the time and space to heal in a safe supportive environment is very important. At Restoring Balance the focus is to provide a nurturing place where clients feel relaxed and calm, without feeling rushed or pressured to watch the clock while they talk.

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Do you want to find out more about my services, and how I can help you to heal? Book in a call today with my calendar link below.

Neuromuscular Testing​ - restoring balance - helping you to recover from surgery

Neuromuscular Testing

Neuromuscular testing is a great way to understand what’s going on in the body when you have pain, weakness, movement challenges or are recovering from an injury. By using Neuromuscular Testing we identify the imbalances or weakness in the body, and create a personalised program of treatment to build strength and to help you on your rehabilitation journey.

Manual muscle testing means I apply light resistance to the area and assess how your body and nervous system responds. Working gently ensures that we keep you and your nervous system unstressed. We then create a personalised program of treatment to build strength and get you back to feeling like you again. 

Re:Connection - Post Surgery Rehabilitation & Scar Work Therapy

I’m passionate about getting people back to whole health, which is why providing post-surgery rehabilitation support services that encourage the body’s natural ability to heal is so important. Often after surgery, we struggle to regain our confidence, and even our body condition if surgery has caused body movement restrictions and discomfort. If this is where you find yourself this rehabilitation package is for you.

Working together, I’ll use a combination of different techniques that will include ScarWork and soft tissue manipulation therapies to help ease away the restrictions, tightness and pain following surgery. As well as muscle testing and strength-building exercise recommendations as needed, to bring you back to pre-surgery health levels, and help you feel more confident again. 

The first appointment will include a full health assessment so we can target the areas that need the most attention.  


This includes:

3 x 90-minute appointments

These appointments will provide you with a personalised treatment and recovery plan all designed to get you back to health in ways that best suit you. Available as a combination of in-person and online.  The initial assessment will need to be in person.

Investments: £325

These sessions are good for things such as: 

  • General post-surgery recovery 
  • Hysterectomy planning & recovery
  • Pregnancy & post-natal recovery

Hysterectomy Planning and Recovery

There are different reasons for having a hysterectomy and also multiple ways of having the surgery. It will affect every woman differently, so every experience will differ with respect to pre-planning and care and post-op rehabilitation requirements.  This is why a personalised plan of support is here waiting for you at Restoring Balance.

Hysterectomy is a big surgery for the body, affecting the structural integrity of the body’s tissues. Sometimes, depending on the type of surgery, it can impact urinary continence, hormone balance and pelvic organ integrity, leading to prolapse. 

In some cases it may even trigger full menopause, so understanding what may be involved pre and post-surgery to get you back to health as quickly as possible is important.

This can be a worrying time but with professional support you can start to build back core strength and improve muscle tone in your pelvic area and work through any anxiety or sadness that you feel post-surgery. I provide a safe space for you to have the room to talk or ask questions, and learn the best ways to heal that feels right for you.   

We’ll start with a consultation to get your history and an understanding of where you are now. This will allow a personalised plan to be created so you can receive support and we will pair you up with the most suitable therapies and treatments for where you are, and where you need to be. 

You must consult a doctor before considering any exercises during the recovery period of 6-8 weeks. All physical therapies will only be recommended after this period. Take a look through this page to see what services we offer that will help start your healing journey.

Pregnancy and Post-Natal Recovery

Pregnancy can take a huge toll on the body, and birth either vaginally or by c-section can have an impact on women’s health for a variety of reasons. If this has resulted in surgery and uncomfortable scars, then my post-surgery rehabilitation offerings are designed to help ease your concerns and bring you relief. 

Please have a look at the details on this page for more information and book your consultation call so we can run through where you feel you need support. 

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