Women's Wellness

Women’s wellness is something that can often be overlooked, as women tend to spend a lot of time putting other people first and worrying about themselves and their health last.

Women’s bodies are incredible, complex and delicately balanced and are able to do so much! This means, sometimes, things can go out of kilter, and they need some time to heal and get strong again.

I help women with a multidisciplinary approach to wellness. By holding space for women to grow and heal, coupled with a few gentle adjustments to improve their health, I give women the opportunity to step back into their power and walk out into the world as their best selves.

At Restoring Balance you can find a suite of services designed to keep you in optimal health.

Women’s wellness looks at all aspects of women’s health from the physical, mental and emotional; but did you know that it can include things like:

  • How to strengthen your pelvic floor
  • How to balance your blood sugars so that you are not hangry
  • Finding what’s causing your exhaustion
  • How to boost your confidence in peri-menopause
  • Why you’ve started to react to certain foods, and always need to run to the loo!
Along with some of the things you may expect such as:
  • How to improve your health by improving your food and drink choices
  • Learning how to have a positive peri-menopause and magnificent menopause
  • Getting your confidence back after pregnancy
  • Easing tightness and discomfort after surgery
  • Working on mindset, limiting beliefs and emotional health
  • Coping with menopausal brain fog
  • Finding new ways to strengthen your body without injury

Wellness can also just be the chance to have the time and space for you to work through things at your own pace, without interruption so you start to feel like yourself again. 

Having dedicated time to look inside of yourself for answers can be hugely valuable and start you on the road to recovery, and working with a qualified coach can be very beneficial. 

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Pelvic Floor, Periods and Poo!

Yes I’m going there, don’t be embarrassed!

These are things that all women will deal with, and i’m just the person to have that frank no nonsense conversation with who actually wants to know about this stuff!

'P' #1 - Pelvic Floors

Women may suffer from weakened pelvic floor for many reasons, the most obvious being pregnancy. But things such as a weak or damaged back, post-pregnancy complications, a previous accident or just age can also be a contributing factor.

Worrying about what will happen if you laugh, cough, or sneeze too hard is no fun, and makes you feel awkward in public situations. At Restoring Balance I can offer advice and work with you to develop a programme of targeted gentle exercise focused on strengthening your core to put you back on the road to a stronger you.

This means that you won’t have to worry about spending a small fortune on uncomfortable or embarrassing incontinence pants.


'P' #2 - Periods

Now periods.

Something that should be talked about more than they are!

Most women throughout their lives have to deal with them but they can misbehave, fluctuate and can impact women’s day-to-day lives. They will also start to change as you get older.

Understanding your body’s rhythms helps with body autonomy, giving a feeling of control and a way to manage things better. We will look at natural solutions to help you get back in sync and find the cause of discomfort or options on how to make them more manageable.

Please always ensure that you speak to your GP about your periods first if something is not right because keeping your personal health good is your top priority.

'P' #3 - Poo!

We are at the last P of the group, and this is important, because if things are not right inside the body, you will know about it outside!

I understand that this is an embarrassing topic for a lot of people but reviewing your current diet or taking a food intolerance test, (no needles I promise!) will begin to pinpoint the cause of your discomfort and start you feeling happier on the inside. 

This can be by using functional nutrition which is a comprehensive and personalised approach to nutrition that can help address underlying health problems. 

Functional Nutrition helps to identify any deficiencies or imbalances in the body and will allow a personalised plan to be created that takes into account individual health needs. 

Or by using muscle testing or bio-resonance scanning we can identify any foods you have an intolerance or sensitivity to, and by altering your diet you will start to feel better. This can stop that post lunch crash, help with clarity of thought, and reduce the uncomfortable bloating after eating.

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Menopause Support

Menopause can be a confusing and unsettling time as your body goes through changes you can’t control. But the days of suffering in silence are long gone! 

I provide perimenopause and menopause coaching, so you feel less alone, which can make the world of difference. Understanding how lifestyle changes can improve general well-being and lower stress, helps empower women and can make the big M feel less overwhelming.

I offer guidance and emotional support so you have a safe place to chat through how these changes are affecting you, your concerns, next steps and goals. We will create an action plan that looks at ways to manage your symptoms, develop healthy habits, increase body strength and overall health, and help you make informed decisions. 

With my regular Pause for Menopause online group, Menopause Cafe sessions, the Women’s Health Hub and my private Facebook Group you can also become part of my community. There you can find your tribe and build a support network of women going through exactly the same thing, so you can get back to enjoying your life again with an improved sense of self-confidence.

If you are in your late thirties and have started noticing changes or unusual symptoms, this could mean you may be starting to experience some of the early symptoms of perimenopause. It has now been confirmed that perimenopause can start earlier than initially thought, so some of the strange things that you have noticed may be down to this!


Some changes you may have noticed:

Come and have a chat and we can work out what’s going on. Both in-person and online appointments are available to suit every requirement. My clinic is a lovely calming safe space where you will have the time and space to talk through any worries you have about your health.

If you cannot make it due to distance or your schedule we can work together virtually to ensure you get the support you need.

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