Wellbeing in the Workplace

Providing workplace health, wellbeing and wellness services within an organisation has a host of benefits for everyone in the business. Offering organisational support can prevent burnout, maintain the mental health of staff, lower absenteeism and improve the culture of wellbeing within the workplace.

We all know that workplace wellbeing makes great business sense, but sometimes it’s hard to bring to life in an authentic way that connects. There’s more to workplace wellbeing than free fruit and a policy that sits on the wall.

I offer workplace wellbeing consultancy and tailored support and guidance for organisations, that may not have their own HR or Occupational Health teams but want to protect the wellbeing of their employees.

This includes working on specific wellbeing initiatives and improvement activities within larger organisations, such as policy development, maturity assessment, and training delivery.

I can work with your teams face-to-face or online, so you have a corporate wellbeing facility at your fingertips, for when you need to set up or facilitate new processes within the company.

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So what could working with me look like for your organisation?

This is an ideal solution for a company that has been advised to instigate workplace improvements by an HR, DEI or H&S specialist.

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Why Wellness in the Workplace is so Important

From a financial standpoint, it also makes great commercial sense to embed these practices, policies and cultures across the workplace so everyone benefits from the top to the bottom. A recent Labour Force survey found that 51% of work-related ill health (per 100,000 workers) was caused by stress, depression or anxiety, with poor mental health found to affect 1 in 5 employees’ productivity in the workplace.*

This resulted in 30.8 million working days lost due to work-related ill health in 2021/22. (Champion Health Survey 2022)

I provide Mental Health First Aid and Health Champion training in the workplace to implement staff safeguarding services. I also offer supervision and debriefing for your Mental Health First Aiders and Health Champions so that they are also supported themselves.

Workplace Wellness services can be a vital helpline for your employees, who may be struggling with issues in their life, both at work and at home (especially after the last few years). Healthy employees are 59% more likely to be engaged at work. (MetLife 2022 Survey)

I provide Mental Health First Aid and Health Champion training in the workplace to implement staff safeguarding services. I also offer supervision and debriefing for your Mental Health First Aiders and Health Champions so that they themselves are also supported.

Why is it important that an organisation has a wellbeing programme in place?

Recognising the importance of implementing wellbeing support in a way that is inclusive for everyone at your company drives real change across an organisation, and will help guide your wellbeing strategy. Offering a range of wellbeing services ensures that there’s the right support available that suits all your employees’ needs.

The focus on organisational wellbeing in 2023 shows that supporting women’s wellbeing at work is now becoming a priority. 

Women can face health challenges at different stages of their lives which can affect their performance at work, with 3 in 5 women having to take time off work due to female health-related issues. 
(People Insight Report 2023)

Women revealed that many do not feel comfortable discussing these issues with their management teams, or feel there is adequate support for them when they do, and worry about being penalised.

1 in 10 women have left a job due to the symptoms of menopause (which can include hot flashes, insomnia, extreme heavy periods, and fatigue), with a whopping 8 out of 10 women stating their employer hadn’t trained staff, shared relevant information or put in place a policy for menopause absence.
(Fawcett Society Report 2022)

This is an important area for your female employees with 86% of women surveyed stating they are more likely to work at a company that has female health issue support in place for them.
(People Insight Report 2023)

Luckily for you this is my area of expertise and I can offer a host of wellbeing services and guidance for supporting women, as well as training management teams and leaders.

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I have a proven track record of delivering exceptional results in many different areas of corporate wellbeing; with experience in a number of technically complex and operationally diverse industries that present numerous challenges to keep people healthy, safe and well.

If you’d like to improve your workplace wellbeing but are struggling to take the first steps or have a specific wellbeing challenge you’d like to solve, I’d love to work with you, so do get in contact.

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