Women’s Health Specialist

Supporting your emotional and physical health at every season of your life.

Restoring Balance - Helping you to feel great again

Providing whole person wellness using a unique combination of coaching and therapy treatments for mind, body, movement and nutrition, helping you feel great again. 

Supporting your emotional and physical health at every season of your life. 

Unlocking Your Pain Puzzle

At every stage of a woman’s life there can be situations that put strain and stress on the body and mind. But this doesn’t have to be something you just accept and put up with.

There are things that can be done.

Restoring Balance provides health and wellness services that help you feel great again by working with you to unlock your pain puzzle.

Why You Should Consider Working With Me

These can be signs from your body to let you know that something is out of balance. From c-sections, past accidents, emotional stress or trauma to peri menopause and even dental implants, there can be any manner of things that may have triggered your discomfort. It can be surprising to discover the cause of that persistent ache or melancholy that you’ve carried around, once you start working with me.

But I’m here to help you, and let you know that you are not on your own, and you don’t have to feel this way.

I provide my services to not only bring relief from pain, discomfort and anxiety but also help remove self limiting beliefs, to boost self confidence, build empowerment and help improve the quality of your life. Allowing you to connect with yourself again. I’m also here to help navigate those tricky taboo issues in a woman’s life such as menstruation and menopause.

Did I mention I love what I do?!

I work with you to provide whole person health for both physical and mental blocks using a combination of treatments for improving movement, nutrition and mind to bring you back to you.

Seeing my clients blossom back into health after working together is an absolute delight. By helping unravel the cause of their health imbalances, allows them to start living a more pain free life, and get their spark back.

I never stop feeling thrilled when I see people become confident in their bodies again. Getting to a place where you can step back into your power, and start rocking your mojo again, can have profound positive effects on the quality of your life and your mental health.

Hi I'm Claire!

I’m Claire Odd, a women’s health specialist and Coach on the South Coast that has over 25 years of experience within the health and wellness industry..

I’ve spent many years training across the specialities that I offer in my clinic to provide you the best service that is uniquely designed for you.

I have also lived and learnt through previous traumatic life incidents that gives me real world understanding of how these things can affect you, and how a whole person approach can have a positive effect on your life.

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Re:Connection (Scar Therapy)

– Treatment of uncomfortable scars to bring relief and improve movement 

scar therapy
Functional Kinesiology

Functional Kinesiology

– Combining functional nutrition and muscle testing 

Soft Tissue Therapy & Rehabilitation

– Treatment to improve strength after injury 

soft tissue rehab
Cranio Sacral Therapy 1

Cranio Sacral Therapy

– Gentle hands on therapy to release blocks and pain for a range of ailments from head to toe.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

– A specialised gentle medical massage technique that is used to stimulate the lymphatic system to encourage the lymph fluid to move away from the swollen area, so it can drain normally.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage 1

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