What do I want from life? What brings me joy? What action do I need to take to move forward?


Are these typical questions that you find yourself asking regularly? Do you feel that you are losing sight of who you really are and what you need to satisfy your core needs? 

When you are in the middle of juggling competing demands between relationships, family, work and everything else it’s easy to fall into a cycle of forgetting yourself and your needs.   Well, that needs to stop….. NOW.  It’s time to have a serious one-to-one with yourself, and journaling can help you achieve that.

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Why Journal?

Journaling helps you get in touch with your inner goddess of wisdom, who can help guide you through life.  It is deeply personal and will look different for everyone.  Journaling is a safe way to release emotions, find gratitude, ponder life, and work your way through a stressful situation by connecting with your innermost conscious thoughts.

There is a general perception that menopause is just a physical thing, but there are a whole lot of emotions that find us during this time, this is a chance to explore those feelings, and also your behavioural choices.

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Is it that important?

Well, yes – it would be great if it became part of your daily practice.  It is a safe way to connect with yourself and can help navigate life (and its ups and downs), allowing you to process emotions, work through situations, or just ponder life.


Studies show that people who practice gratitude daily and journal show fewer signs of stress and anxiety. They sleep better, make better choices, and fewer suffer from depression.  Reducing stress is a personal game changer for you in your menopausal years.


I know you are busy, and you are going to say that you do not have time – it does not have to take hours; it can be as simple as just ten minutes each day.  I also know that a blank page of paper can be intimidating.  Trust me; you’ll be amazed at what pours out of you when you begin.  Consistency is key.


You are giving yourself permission to take time for yourself and open up, a chance to be truly honest with yourself and your thoughts.


Journaling Prompts for Menopause

Here are some suggestions for you:

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How can working together help me through peri-menopause and menopause?

As we transition into peri-menopause and then menopause we often lose the sense of our familiar self, and some of our self-confidence as we go on a hormonal roller coaster of a ride. 


Working together, I can help you understand how to restore the delicate balance of hormones, supporting you with a combination of nutritional advice, supplementation, and effective stress management tools & techniques. 


I can help you make sense of what is going on for you and your body and mind allowing you to flourish rather than flounder. I can find patterns between in your symptoms flaring up and what has gone on with your life choices and behaviours to help you change your behaviours.


I can also help you prepare for when the time comes to talk to a health care professional about your menopause journey so that you go to your appointment armed with empirical evidence that can be easily reviewed by your GP.


A bit about me & my background

Claire is a Health, Wellbeing and Rehabilitation Specialist at Restoring Balance; a sports scientist and Coach who is also a multi-disciplined therapist specialising in person-centred care.  Claire has also held a number of senior leadership roles in high-profile safety-critical industries, where she has championed workplace health and wellbeing and is peri-menopausal herself.


Claire’s work is very different to many therapists – working with you as a whole person using a unique combination of mind, nutrition and movement to overcome both physical and emotional blocks; not just where you feel pain or have dysfunction, allowing you to live life again.  Claire can help you with:

 I work both online and in person from my home-based clinic on Hayling Island, Hampshire.


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